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Job Hopper Alternatives, 3 Ways to Build Variety Into Your Career

ENFP careers rarely follow a conventional career path with many being job hoppers.  The same can apply to ENTPs and people with a scanner personality.

The reason many ENFPs, ENTPs and scanner personalities become a job hopper is that they have many interests, love variety and change, and may have a low boredom threshold.  This means that if their current job doesn’t offer them enough variety or challenge they may end up job hopping.

One way to get round this is to structure your job or career path so that it has variety and change built into it.  This can be a really effective way of making sure that you are more likely to enjoy the job as well as helping you to stay there longer.

The good news is that there are many ways to do this.  Below I’ve listed some of the ones that I have successfully used and that I’ve seen work for others.

1. Work in fields that change rapidly

You’ll find that industries that change quickly, e.g., high growth areas, fields that depend on technology and those that are very competitive, can be of interest to people who are adaptable and like change.  This is because in these areas innovation is often a competitive advantage and ‘the old, established’ way of doing things becomes obsolete very quickly.

What this means on a day-to-day basis is that the organizations tend to re-organize a lot and continually reinvent the way that they do business.  If you like change and variety this can be a very stimulating environment to work in.

2. Focus on project-based work

Personality Page describes ENFPs and ENTPs as being project-oriented, i.e., they like focus on one tasks after another, or even several different projects at once.  This is as opposed to spending all their time and effort on just one project, product, person etc.

The good news is that there are a lot of project-oriented jobs out there in many different fields, both commercial and non-commercial.   This includes include business consulting where you work with a number of different clients, architecture, marketing, event planning, wedding planning, coaching and training.

3. Recraft your current job

Everyone has the bits of their job they enjoy a lot more than others.  Why not look into delegating the parts of your role you don’t enjoy as much, or arranging an exchange with someone else at work.  If you love the part of your job that involves getting out and talking to people but don’t like the reports and detailed, try teaming up with someone who likes the opposite things to you.

More ideas to help you stop job hopping and build an ENFP career you really love can be found here.

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