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Job Hopper Alternatives, 3 Ways to Build Variety Into Your Career

ENFP careers rarely follow a conventional career path with many being job hoppers.  The same can apply to ENTPs and people with a scanner personality.

The reason many ENFPs, ENTPs and scanner personalities become a job hopper is that they have many interests, love variety and change, and may have a low boredom threshold.  This means that if their current job doesn’t offer them enough variety or challenge they may end up job hopping.

One way to get round this is to structure your job or career path so that it has variety and change built into it.  This can be a really effective way of making sure that you are more likely to enjoy the job as well as helping you to stay there longer.

The good news is that there are many ways to do this.  Below I’ve listed some of the ones that I have successfully used and that I’ve seen work for others.

1. Work in fields that change rapidly

You’ll find that industries that change quickly, e.g., high growth areas, fields that depend on technology and those that are very competitive, can be of interest to people who are adaptable and like change.  This is because in these areas innovation is often a competitive advantage and ‘the old, established’ way of doing things becomes obsolete very quickly.

What this means on a day-to-day basis is that the organizations tend to re-organize a lot and continually reinvent the way that they do business.  If you like change and variety this can be a very stimulating environment to work in.

2. Focus on project-based work

Personality Page describes ENFPs and ENTPs as being project-oriented, i.e., they like focus on one tasks after another, or even several different projects at once.  This is as opposed to spending all their time and effort on just one project, product, person etc.

The good news is that there are a lot of project-oriented jobs out there in many different fields, both commercial and non-commercial.   This includes include business consulting where you work with a number of different clients, architecture, marketing, event planning, wedding planning, coaching and training.

3. Recraft your current job

Everyone has the bits of their job they enjoy a lot more than others.  Why not look into delegating the parts of your role you don’t enjoy as much, or arranging an exchange with someone else at work.  If you love the part of your job that involves getting out and talking to people but don’t like the reports and detailed, try teaming up with someone who likes the opposite things to you.

More ideas to help you stop job hopping and build an ENFP career you really love can be found here.

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Careers Advice for ENFPs – Use Your Career Strengths. 1 of 2

You may have read that if you use your careers strengths, the qualities that come to you naturally as part of your ENFP personality, you will enjoy your job more.   But did you realize that as well as making you happier, they can also be an asset to some employers?

Are you using your ENFP careers strengths?
You may want to make your career selection based on what you enjoy doing and what comes naturally to you.  Many career advisers however will tell you just to think about your qualifications and expertise when finding the right career.

Although experience and qualifications are certainly important they are only part of what you to have offer an employer, and they may not even be your greatest assets in today’s job market.  In fact you may find that the less tangible elements that come with being an ENFP are what really set you apart.

What does this mean for me?
The career strengths that many ENFPs possess are becoming more valued by some employers.   That doesn’t mean that qualifications and expertise aren’t also needed, but these are areas where some ENFPs may find it easier to thrive as their natural talents will be valued and seen as an asset to their employer.   ENFP career strengths of particular interest include:

Flexibility, adaptability
Open to change in many forms, embracing change and variety, and may even be enthusiastic about it.

People skills
Being able to quickly and easily build up a rapport with all sorts of people, network with ease and do well in jobs that involve reading people

This creativity isn’t always in the traditional artsy form, it may take the form of ideas, or ideation as it’s sometimes called.  For example, creating new ways of working with people or marketing something. So if you’re like me and you can’t draw a thing, no need to worry!

You may also want to bear in mind that these qualities are not always valued as much in some of the more traditional areas of employment.  It’s definitely worth thinking about this when you make your career selection.

In the next post I’ll look more closely at the each of these ENFP careers strengths in more detail and areas where you may find that they are in demand.

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ENFP Careers Advice – Use Your Career Strengths 2 of 2

You may have read that if you use your ENFP careers strengths, the qualities that come to you naturally as part of your ENFP personality, you will enjoy your job more.   But did you realize that as well as making you happier, they can also be an asset to some employers?

Rather than spending your whole working life trying to shape yourself into a career that doesn’t fit you very well, how about looking for employers who value and even need the personality traits and career strengths that you naturally possess.

Flexible and adaptable
ENFPs and ENTPs are known for being flexible, adaptable and open to change.  This ability to embrace change and variety, and even be enthusiastic about it, is a real plus point to some employers.  This particularly applies to companies who experience change on a very regular basis.  This includes:

  • Organizations in fast, rapidly changing or chaotic environments, for example high tech and IT.
  • Areas which are dependent  on technology which is changing quickly, e.g., marketing,  media and broadcasting,
  • Project-based work e.g., consulting or an agency environment, like a PR, new media or marketing agency
  • If the work calls for working with many different clients and needs someone who can adapt quickly to all of the different people involved.   This could include many of the helping professions, and on the commercial side client-focused work like customer support, marketing agencies or consulting.

Good people skills
It is often said that ENFPs are good at reading people, i.e., figuring out their motivations.  They can also excel at
quickly building up rapport with lots of different sorts of people and networking easily.

These ENFP careers strengths can be a major plus point in areas where you need to work with a lot of different types of people, build and maintain a large network of business contacts, or in fields where you need to be able to put people at their ease quickly.   Areas where these are useful skills include customer service, some sales roles, HR, recruitment, counselling, event planning and training.

ENFP and ENTP creativity often takes the form of being good at coming up with new ideas.  Ways that this could manifest include devising new and fun ways to teach kids, creating new workshops or developing innovative sales and marketing campaigns.

  • The sorts of careers where these skills are valued include:
  • Marketing, PR, advertising, event planning, wedding planning
  • Graphic design, interior design, home staging
  • Personal development including coaching, counselling, teaching and training and HR

So as an ENFP or ENTP don’t just rely on your skills and qualifications to guide you in career selection, use your innate strengths as they may well give you greater job satisfaction as well as being a great asset to a potential employer.

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Volunteering – a great ENFP career tool

Like a lot of ENFPs I’m a big fan of volunteering.   It’s fun, you meet some great people and it’s always good to get a chance to give back.  Volunteering can also boost your resume and build skills, experience and contacts.

But one of the less often thought about benefits of volunteering to ENFP careers is that it allows you to try out something new without making the full commitment of a job change.  So if you’re planning a career change or you just want to get a feel for what another sort of job is like, finding a volunteering opportunity in the field you’re interested in can be a great way to start.

You may find you love it and then you’ll have got yourself off to a good start by building up skills, experience and contacts.  Equally, you may find that it really isn’t for you and then you’ve saved yourself the hassle of an unnecessary career change or another job hopping episode.

Does it work in practice?
In the past I’ve volunteered in fields that I was considering moving into. Each time I’ve learned a lot from the process, and had great fun.  Here’s a brief view of why it worked for me:

ENFP careers can be built by volunteeringVolunteering adventure number 1
Being a lover of nature, hiking, camping etc, I was considering a career in the outdoors so volunteered as a weekend State Park Ranger for 5 years.  I got to lead hikes, run interpretation programs, help visitors, write promotional materials, direct traffic etc, etc.  I learned a heck of a lot and met some wonderful people, but although I really loved doing this as a volunteer role, quite quickly I realized that it wouldn’t be a good permanent move for me.

Volunteering adventure number 2
For many years I had a romantic dream about how wonderful it would be to have a little book store and cafe, perhaps with a nice group of regulars who’d pop in for a browse, a coffee and a chat.  So I volunteered for ½ a day a week at a local charity book store that had lots of old and interesting books.

Many aspects of it I loved as I love being surrounded by books.  And we did have regulars who popped in every week and you could tell them if you had something new in that you thought they would like.  But I didn’t think that it would have enough variety to keep me interested full time.

How to find a good volunteering opportunity
1. Make sure it’s a good match
No matter where you live there are usually many volunteer opportunities to build on your natural ENFP career strengths, so it’s worth carefully considering your objectives and getting clear on the skills and experiences you would like to gain, then proactively seeking out organizations where there is a match.

2. Ask your network
If you are looking for a volunteer experience but don’t know of any suitable organizations, this can be a great question to put out on your social networks.   Not only will you probably get some great ideas, but you may get suggestions of organizations or opportunities that you may not have thought of on your own.  It can also help to build your profile as someone who is active in that area.

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ENFP Careers Advice

ENFP careers should start with the heartENFPs are one of the 16 personality types from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  They are known for being fun-loving, enthusiastic and friendly.  ENFP careers strengths are different to those of other personalities and this means that there are some jobs and careers areas that they are very well suited for and others they won’t enjoy as much, and may even find challenging.

As a career coach I believe that everyone needs career advice specific to their own personality and situation rather than generic guidance.  ENFPs are no exception to this, and as an ENFP myself I know that the advice below is spot on!

1. Start with your heart
The traditionalists will no doubt be up in arms at this as it doesn’t sound very sensible does it.  But I didn’t say ‘Follow your heart’  without taking anything else into consideration. No, I don’t believe that’s a very good idea at all.

But for ENFPs I would definitely suggest that they start with their heart, i.e., the first thing they should look at is what they would like to do, as ENFPs need to enjoy their careers.  For them work isn’t just something that they do, it’s an expression of who they are and it needs to be meaningful and personally fulfilling.

2. Build on your career strengths
Although it sounds obvious to build a career based on your strengths, unfortunately it is very easy to follow a career that is more suited to someone else.  This is usually because you’ve received inappropriate advice, or maybe weren’t aware of what your strengths were.

ENFP career strengths often include great people skills, creativity, adaptability and the flexibility to turn your hand to many things if you want to.

There are many fields in which these strengths can be used including marketing, design, event planning, counseling, teaching, social work and psychology as well as many creative areas.  Likewise, it makes sense to avoid career paths which don’t call for any of these strengths.

3. Avoid your weaker areas
It makes sense to avoid career paths which don’t call for any of your strengths but instead demands skills in an area in which you are less talented.

For many ENFPS this may include attention to details, solitary working or impersonal or critical environments, following routines and strict procedures, inflexible deadlines and work that needs consistent follow-through.  The sort of careers that may involve this include computer programming, cold calling, admin work, auditing and accounting and manufacturing.

4. Don’t make a career selection on personality alone
Personality is very important and a useful guide when choosing a career, but it shouldn’t be the only factor taken into consideration.

Other things to think about are your skills, qualifications, what you like to do, areas of interest and the jobs and careers paths that are available and growing.

5. Build variety and change into your career path
Some more ENFP careers advice that may upset traditionalists who would prefer a stable one-company career path.

Many ENFPs love variety and may have a rather low boredom threshold, so if their current job doesn’t offer them some variety or challenge they may end up job hopping.

To avoid becoming a job hopper, an ENFP can try building variety and change into a job or career path.  Ways to do this include working in environments with a lot of change,  doing project-based work, having 2 very different part time jobs or working for a small company where you get to ‘wear many hats’, i.e., do many different roles.

So if you’re an ENFP and have been following ‘generic’ careers advice and found yourself miserable in your job, that may have been where you’ve been going wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with you, you’ve just been following the wrong advice.   Perhaps now you need to look at careers advice that’s specific to ENFPs.

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